weekly plan/daybook: focus and discipline

Making Changes at Home

As I mentioned last week, we were struggling with our youngest son and an issue with his preschool. I ended up pulling him out of the full-day preschool and moving him to a half-day nursery school program for 3 afternoons each week. While the preschool program worked for 2 of my kids, it wasn’t a good fit for my youngest son who needs more play time. The new program has been good for him, and the teacher is doing everything she can to work with him to help him feel comfortable in the classroom.

However, I’ve had to change my home routine while continuing to fulfill commitments already scheduled. My 5 year old son isn’t used to finding things to do while I write in my office; he hasn’t done that since last June. Errands that used to take me almost no time take about 3 times longer. He’s a great helper when we do stuff together like making cinnamon sugar for me.

To help me get into a new routine, I’ve been delegating more chores and simple tasks to all of my kids. If I need to move drying racks from the back porch to the basement, I ask one of the kids to bring in the racks. Another kid handles moving the wet laundry from the washing machine to the dryer and setting the timer. With 5 kids, I’m able to get my chores done without feeling too stressed.

This Week’s Theme: Focus and Discipline

To stay on track with my homekeeping and freelance writing while having a 5 year old home almost full time, focus and discipline are the name of the game. I know I’ll have 2 afternoons alone for writing which gives me about 4 hours of uninterrupted writing time. The rest of the time, I’ll be using my timer to work in shorter segments. Seeing the timer count down also helps the 5 year old stay occupied while I’m working.

As I write my blogging plan for this week, I am putting times beside each task. I know how long it takes to write a post; I know how much time I spend on social media. Using a timer to stick to the allotted time will help me stayed focused on my true priorities for the week.

Personal – (habits that keep me healthy and happy)

People – (activities that promote relationship with the people I love)

  • date with my husband
  • phone calls to my mom, my sister, and my mother-in-law
  • set up a museum date with my mom (we talked about this in June and never set a date, and yes, we still haven’t set a date)

Purpose – (tasks that enable me to fulfill my purpose in life)

  • work on my daughter’s Kindergarten photo book
  • work on my blogging/writing business
  • work on my cleaning ebook

Passion – (activities and experiences which enable me to enjoy life)

  • take pictures of the kids
  • work on home decor projects

Projects – (priority tasks that need to be finished this week)

  • Girl Scout planning meeting
  • getting out flannel sheets

A Picture for Thought

Cooking some hot dogs, hot diggity
We had an impromptu family gathering Saturday. The kids had a blast cooking hot dogs and making s’mores, plus painting pumpkins with their cousin.

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