tuesday garden party 4.24.12

With the steady deluge of rain this past weekend, I see our flower and vegetable garden coming back to life. I’ve been hand watering to keep the plants in the vegetable garden going though it looks like rain will be a more regular visitor in our area.

tuesday_gardening_7I love lilacs. We have 4 bushes. This one receives the least amount of attention because it’s in the back yard. Really, it should be somewhere where it can be admired and discussed.


Unfortunately, the rain seems to have loosened up parts of the lilac. I may need to tie the branches falling over back in place.


Kale plants behind our house overwintered and provided some fresh greens in the late winter and early spring. I realized yesterday they had started flowering which I think will make the leaves bitter. I’m leaving the plants for now because the small flowers will encourage beneficial insects.

tuesday_gardening_4Another relic from last year’s garden, this cabbage has decided to flower, too. I’ve decided to leave it too. I love the purple blue leaves against the tiger lilies plus we need beneficial insects. This year is predicted to be a bad year for the heat and bugs.

tuesday_gardening_6My husband had a chance to fix the grape vine trellis which fell over during the hurricane last August. We had propped it up, and then a wind storm knocked it down again. I propped it up again this spring, and one of the neighbor kids accidentally knocked it over.

The trellis appears to be okay with the gusts of wind we’re having today. Pruning the vines back may have helped with the weight and balance of the trellis.

tuesday_gardening_1Despite losing a few broccoli plants to the dry weather (read I wasn’t watering), the rest have grown and prospered. The addition of grass clippings is keeping the soil underneath more moist.

tuesday_gardening_2If these peas make it in the warmer weather, we hope to have a late spring harvest. I’m not keeping my hopes up. I’m waiting to see if the potatoes I planted in this same bed come up, too.


I planted green peppers last week, and mulched them with grass clippings this weekend. They’re doing okay with the heavy rainfall and the cooler temperatures.

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  1. maryhysong says

    looks like great things are happening at your place. When you get tired of that rain, send some over here! We are waaaay down for the year already!

    • Barb says

      No fair! We need some rain! Thanks for the compliment. I wish I could move the lilac where it could be appreciated more. I was able to move a piece of another lilac bush. Maybe I can do it with this one, too.

  2. says

    We are grateful for the rain we’ve had here, it sure came down in buckets. The plants were not used to that and some are beaten down a bit. That cabbage of yours looks really pretty! Thanks for sharing….

  3. says

    I am so gald that your area received some much needed rain. Somehow I have found that rainwater always is more benificial to plants than handwatering is. Your garden is looking great, even with the heat. I love that flowering cabbage. It’s a piece of artwork!

    • Barb says

      Thank you! I love plants with colored leaves. They always add interest even when nothing else is flowering.

  4. Cheeryshirley says

    Yea! You were hoping for rain! :) I sooo love your gardening plans, pictures, successes and failures! Happy Spring! :) Cheeryshirley

  5. says

    So glad your garden is getting watered naturally – at least for awhile. :-) I like to leave the flowers on overwintered cole crops, too, sometimes- especially when I see a lot of bees workin’ on them- gotta help them along when we can! Thanks for sharing with us!

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