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august-2013-RealFoodStorage-OuterCover-231x300Imagine living off your stored food while your husband is unemployed for 11 months. Amazingly, KerryAnn of Intentionally Domestic did this, and fed her family nutrient-dense high-quality foods while keeping their grocery bills under $100 per month for her family of four. When her husband got the call he was laid off, she was prepared and ready thanks to her serious efforts to grow and store their own food, heal with herbs, and make their own cleaners.

KerryAnn’s Real Food Storage book makes a great companion for Angela’s Getting Prepared which I reviewed on Tuesday. While Angela’s book focuses more on emergency preparation, 72-hour kits, and how to get by as a family during emergencies, KerryAnn’s book delves into the nitty gritty of long-term food storage for emergencies. You’ll find detailed information on the types of food to store, how to calculate how much to store, and lots of recipes for using your stored food items.

For me, the personal care section and cleaning section was extremely helpful. While we use few cleaners, and the ones we use are mostly green, I don’t keep simple cleaning supplies on hand like vinegar and lemon juice. I always have baking soda on hand since I use that for both cleaning and baking. As a family of 7, I often feel like we go through copious amounts of shampoo and soap. When one squirt will do, my kids will go for the BIG squirt and maybe an extra one just to be sure.

Yes, KerryAnn’s book packs a lot of information into 154 pages. I like to think of it as a food storage bible. Use it to baby step your way into long-term food storage. Start with storing enough food for one month, then build from there. Keep a notebook to help you track what you store along with ideas/recipes for using the stored food. Menu plan based on rotating through your stored food while you build up to long-term storage.

While I never urge fear as a decision maker, I do think it’s wise and prudent to plan ahead. As KerryAnn’s story illustrates, anything can happen, not just a natural disaster. So many people lost everything when the market bottomed out in 2008. So many people are still struggling. An unexpected severe illness can wreak as much havoc on a family has a flood. Being prepared helps you stay more focused and less stressed when the unexpected happens.


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  1. coleen says

    I read a blog called: The Prudent Homemaker, very similar to Kerryann’s situation, I do think they have a few more children. Its worth a look see just to read the back story.

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