Price Book: Quick Bolognese Sauce

by Barb on March 20, 2009

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Yesterday was the feast of St. Joseph. I had planned on getting St. Joseph’s cream puffs to mark the occasion, but never made it to the bakery with the beginning of baseball season this week. Instead, I did a quick look online for recipes for Bolognese sauce and made up a quick one using what I had. The quick version was well-received, making it a perfect sauce to make for the freezer for days when I need to pull a rabbit out of the hat!

Quick Bolognese Sauce

2 cups of canned spaghetti sauce with italian sausage – $.22
1 lb. ground beef – $1.69
2 T. pureed red pepper – $.02
1 T. pureed basil in olive oil – $.02
1/8 cup of parmesan/romano cheese – $.125
dried mushroom, crushed to crumbs – .01

Total Cost: $2.09

Notes: I estimated the red pepper and basil costs because they came out of our vegetable garden. I also estimated the dried mushroom cost; the mushrooms came from a reduced bag of mushrooms I bought in the fall and dried with our dehydrator. I crushed the mushrooms to hide them, otherwise I would have rehydrated them and used them whole.

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