planting the snap peas, and other seeds


My wonderful husband tilled half of our vegetable beds this weekend, along with tilling the kids’ dirt pile (tilling keeps the weeds down). I love it when he does the tilling because the leftover weeds are cleaned up, and he rakes each bed into a tidy little bed that I promptly plant with lots of seeds.

Usually, when we till the beds, we put down a layer of compost first. This time our compost was a bit too raw to use. However, when I have time, I’ll put a layer of compost over top of the beds as mulch and to keep the moisture in the soil. I tried this last year, and found the compost mulch kept the moisture in the soil much longer than leaving it exposed.

Today, my 3 year old and I pulled out our seed box and planted our snap peas. I find 2 rows are plenty for our family. We also planted 2 rows of spinach, one row of beans (an experiment since it’s a month early for them, and a bed of broccoli. I’m curious to see if the broccoli seeds from 2009 will sprout. If they don’t, I have time to put plants in which is my usual method of growing broccoli.

Share your vegetable garden progress in the comments!

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  1. maryhysong says

    you shouldn’t have any trouble with broccoli seeds just a couple years old; should sprout just fine. I have an experiment going too; I built a new coldframe, with the warm weather, too hot for lettuce and such so I planted some really old cantaloupe seeds, just to see if they sprout along with fresher bush bean seeds just to see if I can get early bean.s

  2. Cheeryshirley says

    Wonderful picture of your gardening life! Love the family involvement! I’ll bet your 3 year old will be proud of his new crop of peas when the family eats the fruit of his labors! It looks like your husband tills deeply…aren’t our husbands wonderful? Your soil looks like rich loam!

    I’ve never planted broccoli from seed…would love to see how they do! Thanks for this great post! :) Cheeryshirley

    • Barb says

      Every year, everyone gets a bit more involved. Ds3 is so excited about the snap peas; he’s telling everyone about planting them.

      I’ve done broccoli from seed during the summer, and didn’t have much success. Hopefully, these will work, saving me from buying lots of plants.

  3. says

    It’s been so rainy I haven’t examined my compost pile lately, but have a big pile I started back in the fall during the garden cleanup, so hopefully I have a bunch percolating beneath the stuff that hasn’t broken down yet. Well done on getting some seeds planted outdoors already–I hope to next weekend!

  4. says

    Boy, that is some good looking soil! Your peas should be very happy there. And how neat that you get to share your gardening with some little people!

  5. Beth says

    Our poor peas (planted mid-February) have not done much of anything – this morning they are covered with 3-4″ of snow!

  6. says

    Popping over from the Garden Party….your garden soil looks great! Snap peas sound like something I need to put on our list. My kids always end up eating them straight from the garden and very few get inside for meals. :)

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