Party Preparation List: Two Weeks Before the Party

Making a party preparation list to plan our parties helps me stay on top of even the smallest details. Big or small, whatever the size of the party, I always make a list of food, decorations, cleaning tasks, and party set up.

Party Preparation List: Two Weeks Before the Party

Last weekend, I sat down with a calendar and my still vague list of tasks in Evernote and wrote out a 2 week plan to get ready for our 1st Communion Party on May 5th. I also put together my grocery list which I tackled a little this week.

Using the weekly overview from Life Your Way, I wrote the tasks down over a 2 week period. Anything that could be done 2 weeks ahead like making ice, grinding the coffee beans, or making almond tea cakes went on this week’s plan. I tried to put as much as I could in the first week that wasn’t time sensitive to make sure the second week was only slightly less crazy.

I have the lists/notes in my Evernote notes for future parties. Evernote allows one to add check boxes to lists. Lists can also be tagged with different categories such as party preparation, 1st Communion, or birthday in case you forget where the list is and look for it later. Adding the @ sign to the beginning of the title of the list/note puts it at the beginning of a list of notes. I use the @ to keep my schedule and next actions notes at the top of each group. Evernote is free software available across a number of platforms including the iPhone, Droid phone, and Apple and Windows-based computers.

Two Weeks Before the Party

[ ] wrap son’s gifts
[ ] buy rug for front porch
[ ] put away piles of clothes upstairs


[ ] make ice
[ ] mac and cheese – 2 batches
[ ] choose clothes for me to wear


[ ] make ice
[ ] make coffee and freeze
[ ] redo front porch planters
[ ] flowers for back porch


[ ] steam clean rugs
[ ] make ice
[ ] cupcakes
[ ] angel food cake


[ ] make ice
[ ] make artichoke dip
[ ] make almond tea cakes and freeze
[ ] butter cream icing
[ ] vacuum


[ ] party favors

Week Two’s Party Preparation List

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  1. Cheeryshirley says

    Wow! I had no idea that a first communion party was that big! I, somehow, just assumed that it was kinda like a potluck at the church. Ted is going to have a very nice surprise for his first communion and it will be very special! He will always remember this and what it commemorates! Hope everything goes according to schedule and you can relax and enjoy the event! :) Cheeryshirley

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