motivation monday: hope as an action verb

Hope is an Action Verb

This past weekend, one of my sister-in-laws gave me a book called Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others by Dr. Shane Lopez. I’m not finished the book; there’s a lot of meat to it. However, I have found it so fascinating that I had to share what I’ve read so far.

Hopeful people share core beliefs that sustain them even when life seems like an uphill battle.

  • They believe the future will be better than the current situation.
  • They believe they have the power to change things.
  • They believe there is no one path to a goal.
  • They believe all paths have obstacles.

Hopeful people are resourceful, practical, realistic, and resilient. While you can believe you can change your own life, if you don’t see obstacles as learning experiences, you may fizzle out while pursuing your goals. If one door closes in your life and you don’t see the other doors opening even if they’re right in front of you, you won’t be flexible enough to go down the new path to your goal. All 4 beliefs need to work together.

Hope has never been a word in my vocabulary. Honestly, I find it difficult to wrap my mind around the concept. Yet, I understand the core beliefs in a hopeful person, and I see them in myself especially in the past few years. I always have the feeling wherever I go that I will meet friends in strangers. I will learn something new almost every day. I’m not afraid of stretching myself and trying new things. I’m more flexible; I find myself in the role of facilitator/leader more often.

Do I have a goal? My goal, somewhat nebulously, is to earn money writing and maybe even taking pictures. I want to get out and explore. I want to incite curiosity in my kids and get them exploring and experimenting.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. Are you a hopeful person? Where does your feeling of hope come from?

Motivation Monday

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    • says

      I’m always reminded of something Thomas Edison said about finding 1,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.

      I’m working with my 2nd son right now. He gets frustrated easily and then gets stuck. His report card came home yesterday, and was fabulous, yet, I was upset that he didn’t get recognized for his improvement by his teacher. So, we talked about it and what I valued as important. My first reaction was this is a kid that will struggle with this, and then I realized maybe he was meant to struggle with this for a later reason.

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing!
    When I was younger I wasn’t as hopeful of a person as I am now. I think maturity and having kids made that happen for me. I try to encourage myself and my girls that life goes on and we should enjoy each day without regret. And I can safely say that I don’t regret anything. Do I wish I didn’t do a few things… sure, but they’ve helped mold me into who I am today!
    kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS recently posted..COOKING WITH KIDS 17: st. patrick’s day 2013

  2. says

    Oh Barb–this is good. I spend a LOT of time with kids who learn differently and I love trying to figure out way for them to “get it” in their own way that makes sense to them. Of course it doesn’t fit into a nice little package like typical kids but I’m ok with that.

    I wish more people would have the tolerance that you have!

    Be Blessed.
    renee recently posted..Joyful Vlog

    • says

      Thank you! It’s a hard won tolerance. Maybe I’ll write about it someday.

      I love that you work with kids that learn differently! They can teach us so much about learning and being.

    • says

      My prayers are with you, your mom, and your family. The book starts off with the story of a man faced with kidney issues who lost hope and then found it again.

      I don’t think my mom ever lost hope which something she passed on to myself and my sister. She struggled with some stuff, and yet, I always felt like she would do what it took to get something done. Even now, she’s struggling with her back and arthritis yet you would never see it from her attitude.

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