how does your garden grow june 28, 2011

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My Garden

Cucumbers with new plantings of carrots, beans, & kaleWe made some changes in our main vegetable garden this weekend. After some discussion, my husband and I decided to pull out 2 of the cucumber cages, and next weekend, we’ll pull out one of the 2 rows of broccoli. We felt that we had too many cucumbers growing this year, and broccoli production is beginning to slow down.

In place of the cucumbers, I put in more bush beans, carrots, and a few kale seeds. I’ll do something similar for the broccoli bed next weekend. When I pulled the snap peas last week, I put in pole beans with a row of carrots on either side along the edge of the bed.

yellow cherry tomatoesThere’s quite a bit to harvest daily in the garden – bush beans, cucumbers for pickling, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. I’ve been steaming and freezing the beans and broccoli for the freezer, though I am going to try a new recipe for roasted beans for dinner tonight. The cherry tomatoes are going into our salads, though I’m getting slightly behind on using them. I may dry some for the winter. The plum tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Since I anticipate harvesting them within the next week or so, I’ve been making room in the freezer for collecting the plum tomatoes in gallon freezer bags.

potatoes growing in buckets

I neglected watering the potatoes in the buckets a little and spent some time watering them last night. I wasn’t happy to see ants come running out of one bucket, though it does have compost in it. The squash vines to the right of the buckets are bush pumpkins. I found the plant 2 years ago at Home Depot and saved the seeds. I forgot to plant them last year, but found them this year and decided to try them. No flowers as of yet, though I do see them forming at the base of the plants.

I appear to have conquered the potato beetle infestation, however, we are in a bit of a dry spell right now. We’ve only had about 3 inches of rain for June. I am so grateful for my laundry water collecting!
Share your vegetable garden progress in the comments!

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  1. Bill Brikiatis says

    I’m jealous, too, that you are eating tomatoes. Mine have a ways to go. The cherries are likely indeterminate. The plums could be determinate, but I’m not sure. It would probably say on your seed package. I’ve added your blog to my RSS reader.

  2. says

    Look at you! Cherry tomatoes ready to eat. I’m jealous. I see you are harvesting a lot too. Right now, I’m just harvesting peas and some herbs. I need more hot weather!

  3. says

    I so wish our tomatoes would turn! I did not plant any cherry tomatoes this year though. They took over last year and I was hoping for something new. Hehehe…

    Garden looks great! I am off to explore the rest of your interesting site!
    OH and you are curious about my garden cherries? There will be a post about them later this week. They are actually a tomato variety. Hehehe…

    Take care,

    • babhoyersh says

      Can’t wait to hear about the ground cherries! I’ve read a few articles lately online about heirloom varieties; I think I’ll try some next year along with getting back into seed starting.

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