homework checklist for 4 kids

This year I have five kids in school all the way from preschool to first grade, second grade, and fourth grade up to high school. While all of them have homework journals of some sort, either a typed page from the teacher or a journal written by my kids, not everything shows up on the homework sheets that come home from school. Four of my kids need to read daily and record their books. Some need to practice math facts daily. Others need to study spelling words or word cards.

Homework Checklist for 4 Kids

Since my schedule is busier this fall due to blogging and Girl Scouts, my husband may need to supervise homework from time to time. In addition, once a week my kids stay after school to give me an extra long day for writing. They can get a lot of homework done at school, except the reading and studying.

As a parent, I want to teach my kids to be responsible for their homework. Of course, I’m going to sit with the preschooler and help him with his homework. My fourth grader can, and does work independently. The first and second grader are somewhere in between, not to mention the second grader needs help focusing at times.

Get Organized with List Plan It

I decided to create a homework check list like the checklists I created for the kids last fall to help them with getting ready in the morning for school, after school for homework time, and the expectations for electronic time. There’s 3 approaches to a homework check list. I can do a one-page week at a glance for all 5 kids, or I can create individual lists for each kid. Or, I can do a combination: checklist for the 4th grader and a checklist for the preschooler, 1st grader, and 2nd grader. Next year, I can move the 2nd grader to his own list and give him more responsibility.

My Preliminary Homework Check List

I’m putting this together in a Word document which I will tweak at the end of this week.


  • Read 15 minutes daily and record in journal.
  • Homework Packet due Friday

1st Grade

  • Review word cards
  • Review math facts
  • Review sight words
  • Read 10 minutes daily and record in journal.
  • 15 minutes daily in First in Math program

2nd Grade

  • Review word cards
  • Review math facts
  • Read 10 minutes daily and record in journal.
  • 15 minutes daily in First in Math program
  • Study for test

4th Grade

  • Review spelling words
  • Review math facts
  • Read 10 minutes daily and record in journal.
  • 15 minutes daily in First in Math program
  • Study for test

ListPlanIt Lists

  • Monthly Homework List organized by weeks
  • Homework by Week
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