happy earth day: a guest post

Today’s post in honor of Earth Day comes from a long-time Delaware County resident and long-time reader of my blog, Coleen. She’s taught and inspired me as much as I’ve done so for us. We also have lots of fun comparing notes on her grandson and my youngest son who are about the same age. Take it away, Coleen!

In honor of Earth Week I thought I’d share some of the things we do that are earth friendly and frugal:

Use cloth napkins. I made ours from old table clothes, but you can find them at thrift stores and yard sales.

Use 100% made from recycled material toilet paper.

Use cloth wipes for my grandson.  I made them out of flannel squares.

Use kitchen towels or rags in place of paper towels.

Reuse plastic baggies, except those used for meat or cheese.

Use cloth bags when shopping.

When we get to the bottom of liquid dish soap, shampoo or laundry soap, we add some water to get the last little bit out.

Use a plastic cup in the bathroom instead of paper cups.

We don’t have a dishwasher, so we only wash dishes once a day.  In the summer we use the rinse water to water the garden.

We hang all of our laundry, outside or in the basement.

We mold our soap slivers to the new bar so we don’t waste any of it.

We shop at thrift stores, salvage grocery stores and yard sales.

Well these are a few of the things we do, what about you?

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    • babhoyersh says

      Too funny! You’re so ahead on the food. There is so much to change that it does take awhile to make the changes, I think.

  1. says

    we do use rags about 90% of the time instead of papertowels and use plastic cups in the bathroom. I’ve tried recycled napkins and toilet paper, i do not like the quality. When my youngest was a baby, we cloth diapered, that is by far my most favorite green step ever.

    • babhoyersh says

      Just like Coleen, we stick to cloth napkins. I have about 20 white ones which means they go with everything. I even stick the cloth napkins in the kids’ lunch boxes, and haven’t lost any that way. I also put in real silverware, and haven’t lost any.

      I haven’t done the recycled toilet paper consistently. There’s a company that starts with M (I’m drawing a blank on the name) that has recycled toilet paper. I’ve seen it at our local grocery outlet. Just another area for me to work on!

      • says

        Marcal! I haven’t actually tried it yet… we’re so very particular about our toilet paper around here. But we do use cloth napkins, so we’re headed in the right direction. :) Next up for us is ditching paper towels in favor of dish towels. We do some of that, but not consistently enough. But we’re on our last roll of paper towels now, so I think that’s reason enough to just switch.

  2. says

    This is such a great list! We cloth diaper our kids as well (and are so thankful that it’s so much easier than everyone thinks it is), but haven’t made the leap to cloth wipes. I’m not really sure why not. My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and is actually less bothered by cloth diapers than the disposables, so I can only assume it would be the same for wipes. Do you have a good, sensitive formula for wetting the cloth wipes (or do you just use water)?

  3. Carole Denise says

    I think this is such a conscientious list. There are several on this list that we do but not with a 100% conviction; there are other items on the list list that make me realize I can do much more….Great Earth Day post…
    Carole Denise recently posted..CDs Entertainment Corner – Tangled

  4. says

    This is a fabulous list and a great reminder to me that I’ve been slacking on some my green efforts lately. For instance, while I did start a compost pile and am attempting to grow some of our own veggies this year we have pretty much reverted to using paper towels somewhere along.
    Nichole recently posted..WordWorld DVD &amp iTunes App GIVEAWAY

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