Girl-led Leadership: Girl Scout Kaper Chart

As a new Girl Scout leader of a combined Daisy/Brownie troop, I’ve been looking for ways to keep our meetings girl-led while keeping in mind what the girls can do at their age-level. The Daisies need more direction than the Brownies. Quite a few of them love to help. We also want to encourage them to treat each other fairly and move towards the teamwork model of the Brownies.

Girl Scout Kaper Chart

Being a few years older, our Brownies are moving away from the fun, low-key activities of the Daisies towards the leadership, entrepreneurial activities of the Juniors and Cadettes. Some of them are natural leaders, able to encourage others in their group and help the leader with the activities. Others need some coaching in becoming leaders and team players.

One way to create a girl-led atmosphere is by giving the girls ways to be actively involved in our meetings. We decided to start with a kaper chart. Since our girls are still young, my co-leaders and I came up with the jobs ourselves. Next year, when we have more Brownies in our troop, plus a Junior, we’ll work with the girls at the beginning of the year on the kaper chart.

Our Troop Meeting Jobs

We came up with 6 jobs for the girls:

  1. Opener – Leads in saying the Girl Scout Promise and Law (Next year, they will help gather the girls.)
  2. Leader Helper for the Daisies
  3. Leader Helper for the Brownies
  4. Clean Up for the Daisies
  5. Clean Up for the Brownies
  6. Closer – Starts the Friendship Squeeze in the Circle

How It Works

After taking attendance at the beginning of each meeting, I look at the list of girls and assign the jobs according to who is attending and which group they belong to. I have a separate list to keep track of which girl has done a job each meeting to ensure that all the girls have an opportunity to participate until the end of the school year.

I created badges for the girls to wear to help them remember their special status during the meeting. The other girls learn to look to these temporary leaders and helpers at each meeting. At the end of the meeting, I collect the badges for the next meeting.

How to Make the Girl Scout Kaper Badges

I recommend buying extra supplies for the lanyards and badge holders. We found a few girls forgot to return theirs at the end of the meeting which meant I had to make more for the following troop meeting. These badge holders and lanyards are perfect for cookie season if you want to give the girls a cheat sheet for remembering cookie prices.


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    • says

      If your oldest is interested in planning trips with other teens, there’s always Venturing through Boy Scouts. My ds16 does it more for the social side than the badge work.

    • says

      I think any scouting experience has a lot to do with the leaders. I’m so fortunate to have 2 great coleaders who have fabulous gifts of their own. I know my dd6 loves going to meetings because all of us do a great job of focusing on the girls.

  1. says

    You are making me feel a bit sad that we dropped out of scouting at the end of last year. My daughter’s troop was pressuring us to make a deeper commitment and to agree to put scouting above other activities, and that is tough for our large family to do….. so we decided to drop it. :(

    • says

      Is your daughter older than the Daisies and Brownies? The program seems pretty easy for Kindergarten through 2nd. Though we haven’t done any field trips yet.

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