#fitness friday: why do all my injuries and illnesses happen in january?

My stinking 8 lb. cat ran into my foot when I started my run this morning. Oh man does it hurt!

If you were in my neighborhood at 5:20 am this past Tuesday morning, you would have heard a loud scream. No, the deer weren’t attacking me. It was a cat. My cat. My cat, who was running around me while I started my morning run, smashed into my left foot knocking me for a LOOP.

Did I mention the pain?

Then, I started laughing. January has it in for me. Always has. I always get sick in January. I had a miscarriage in January many years ago. Last year, I hurt my hip while running. This year, it’s the cat barreling into my foot.

By the time you read this, I will have spent 2 days hobbling around. Well, I spent the first day sitting on the bed writing lots of posts. At this point, I’m hoping I can run Friday morning. I really want to run Friday morning.

Update: It turns out I can’t run Friday morning because I have a severe sprain. I saw a foot doctor last night and had x-rays done. I’m glad my foot is not broken. I am not happy about the sprain. Fortunately, my foot is feeling better today plus I have more range of motion.

Now for the tough part – I have to ice my foot at least 5 times a day, strengthen it and the ankle, and stay off it enough to hopefully be better by the end of next week. Have I mentioned how much I hate sitting around? It’s not going to be easy; I know I’ll try to do too much too soon; I am determined to stay focused on getting better.

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      Oh, I am! I’m debating what to do about the March Trail Race. I’m hoping to be running again the middle of next week or next Saturday by the latest.

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      My knees aren’t in great shape either, though my glucosamine supplements with MSM have helped. I hope you feel better, too. Injuries stink!

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      So glad to hear you enjoyed the Yaktrax!

      I am anxiously waiting for my foot to get better. I think I’ll be able to run next Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Ouch!! I feel for you – I sprained mine just over a year ago – it took me 5 months to get back running – just take it easy. There’s a fine balance of resting it and working it GENTLY so the joint doesn’t seize up – I ended up molly-coddling mine too much and that didn’t help my recovery. Glad you’re laughing though!
    Helen @ What Happened Next… recently posted..My First race of the year!

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