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farm tour: eckerton hill farm and rodale

fFarm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and Rodale3 Moms and 8 Kids: Myself and My Kids, Becky of Crafty Garden Mama and her daughter, and Lauryn of The Vintage Mom and her kids and a friend

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleOne of the greenhouses at Eckerton Hill in Oley, PA

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleI never expected to see my 9 year old feed a cow; animals are not his thing.

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleI think kids have dirt pile radar!

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleChecking out a ladybug found in the flower bed at Rodale.

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleLoved the small pond near the Rodale store.

Farm Tour: Eckerton Hill Farm and RodaleI want a bench like this! Chocolate chip cookies optional.

My Canon camera equipment and my tips on taking great photos. Alli Worthington’s iPhone Photography Guide for those with iPhones.

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