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fabulously frugal thursday: tips for the home

Frugal Home Tips

Here in the Northeast sometimes it’s 62 degrees in our home when we get up in the morning. So far, we’ve only turned the oil heat on twice to take the chill off the house, and I’m hoping we can continue to do this for at least another week before the oil heat goes on full time for the winter. I’ve written before on how we save money with our utilities especially oil and electricity. My biggest tip – install a programmable thermometer. We can keep our home at 66 during the day and 58 at night without having to remember to change anything.

Now it’s time for my readers to share their tips for the home!

  1. Fall Home Maintenance – Living Big on Less Money from Feeding Big
  2. Staining Fireplace Brick
  3. Outhouse progress

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