daybook 4.29.12

Outside my window…
Sunny and cold. Clear skies.

I am thinking…
of a busy week ahead.

I am thankful for…
spending time with family and friends at my sister-in-law’s surprise 50th Birthday Party.

I am pondering…
Fake it ’til you Make it.

Living a green/frugal lifestyle…
If I didn’t mention it here before, last week I finished buying the rest of my vegetable plants. A neighbor told me that a local Home Depot was selling veggie plants for half price, limit of 20 per customer. We stopped by Tuesday night. The place was almost dead. I bought over the limit, and the cashier rang everything up since the computer had the prices. I got my 48 Roma tomato plants for $.21 each. I’m so happy!

From the kitchen…
Lots of baking and making going on for our 1st Communion Party. Since I dropped wheat from my eating last Sunday, I’ve been using up the veggies in the fridge. On Friday, I restocked with plans to try some new side dishes for the next few weeks.

I am creating…
a fun 1st Communion Party.

I am going…
Well, I’ve already been to Wawa, the Philadelphia Airport, and Maria’s Prime Time Bakery. After breakfast, we’re heading to Ardmore to pick up my oldest son from his Venturing weekend. In the afternoon, we have a soccer game and a baseball game.

I am reading…
Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live by Jeff Jarvis. When I picked the book up at the library, I didn’t realize he was the same author that wrote What Would Google Do? The title Public Parts came from something Howard Stern said. I’m only at the beginning of the book, and I’m already fascinated by the reaction of the public outside of the United States to the internet, especially Google and its Street Maps. Apparently, in Germany, the citizens are extremely protective of their privacy and pushed at Google to ghost out people that show up in the map photos.

The German government tried to get Google to share information about its citizens which Google refused to do. The interview with Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, also caught my attention with its discussion of sharing and privacy controls. I’ve had quite a few conversations about Facebook and whether it harms or hurts relationships. Does Facebook encourage us not to talk face to face? Personally, I see Facebook as a tool. I’ve started or moved relationships along on Facebook which are accompanied by face time. For someone living in a remote area, Facebook may be their only access to people outside their little town of 100 people. However, I think we should continue to talk about the use of social media and technology and its impact on social relations and society. Debating and discussing these issues ensures these tools serve us rather than us serving them.

Living A Healthy Lifestyle…
After I finished the amoxicillin for my double ear infections and bronchitis last Saturday, I decided to drop wheat from my diet to see if it would help the ear infections and nasal congestion clear up. I also added in Lipoflavonoid Plus, a supplement for the ears, plus daily doses of echinacea and goldenseal.

Once the amoxicillin was out of my system, along with a week already of taking the Lipoflavonoid Plus, I felt better very quickly and my ears started clearing up. Unfortunately, my right ear started clogging up again on Friday, and I think I picked up a cold virus somewhere. My daughter appears to have the same virus. I’m making sure to get all my supplements in along with the ones for the immune system, and so far, the ear infection is going away. Knock on wood. I think having wheat out of my diet is helping, too. If my body thinks of wheat as a foreign substance, the immune system will be overwhelmed with fighting the wheat and the virus. Right now, it isn’t.

I am hoping…
for nice weather today.

I am hearing…
The kids playing their DS’s in the living room.

Around the house…
Cleaning is getting done, and things are being put away. I already feel like there’s less pollen in the house.

Around the yard…
I need to do some weeding, though the weed flowers are pretty. I bought the last of my vegetable plants last week, and worked on putting them in the beds that are ready. This week, I’ll plant some more and put more seeds in the ground.

One of my favorite things…
Supplements! I felt so tired and out of it on the amoxicillin. I couldn’t think. Now that I’m back into taking all of my supplements, I feel so much better even though I’m fighting a cold.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Cleaning, cooking, errands, baseball, picking up my husband at the airport, decorating for the First Communion party, attending the mass, and then PARTY. Followed by relaxing.

A picture for thought…


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  1. Cheeryshirley says

    Wow! $.21 for tomato plants! Great price! :) Now, you’ve got me pondering “Fake it til you make it”! Not sure what I think about that. :)

    VERY interesting bit about Google and Facebook! Scary that the German Government wanted Google to share their own citizen’s private info…KUDOs to Google for NOT! :) We do not use Facebook or any of the other social media sites, as my husband is very uncomfortable with the structure of them and privacy issues. I do hear you, however, about the lonliness of remote dwellers, but, I also wonder if we ARE losing the push and/or ability to talk face-to-face with one another! Rather than interact with other grocery shoppers, so many people are either on the phone talking or texting…at least, that is what I’ve noticed! Not good! :(

    Enjoy your PARTY and service! Hope you all stay well for a while now! You’ve been through it! Enjoyed that family photo…at least, I think it is family! I agree with Coleen…Your new “do” looks very nice on you! You and your husband have pleasant smiles! :) Cheeryshirley

    • Barb says

      I’m with you about talking on the phone in public. I don’t do it. I’d much rather start a conversation with the cashier or someone next to me, or talk to my own kids.

      Are you putting anything in pots? I think you said you were in a pretty cold area.

      • Cheeryshirley says

        Nooooo, I haven’t decided what to do yet about gardening! :( It is not so cold, per say, but, what cold there is, is penetrating! However, it is the high winds that “blow” me away! Very common to have 60 mph and occasionally 110 mph! How can I use a plastic-covered portable greenhouse and keep it intact!?! Anyway, back to square one…do I even start? Which is why I love your gardening pics sooo much…I garden through you! :) Thanks! Cheeryshirley

        • Barb says

          Hmm, high winds would definitely be a tough one. I think you would need a more permanent green house which costs money. Maybe a sunny room or window and use varieties that grow in the cool climates where they would experience a shorter growing season and less sun?

    • Barb says

      Yes, thanks for asking! I started running again last week, and managed to conquer another ear infection. Looking forward to sharing my progress on Friday, including weight loss. Woohoo!

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