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Outside my window…
The dark sky is lightening with dark streaks of clouds tinged with pink near the horizon. A porch light shines across the street.

I am thinking…
about the upcoming Type A Advanced Conference, a blogging conference.

I am thankful for…
my home, my family, and most of all my husband. I sat listening to my hairdresser tell me a little bit about her childhood yesterday with a bipolar father. Fortunately, she had a step dad in her life to provide her with a steady father figure.

I am pondering…
the upcoming week. I haven’t made plans other than Wednesday. And now, Thursday, my 9 year old and I are making pretzels. Maybe on Friday we’ll take a trip out to Longwood Gardens and walk around. I also want to do a virtual 5k run to celebrate my return to running.

Living a green/frugal lifestyle…
As I worked on updating my price book yesterday and started a grocery list for April to gauge what we needed and how much we needed to spend, I realized three things. One – we purchased items such as spices which won’t need replacing for a few months or longer. We also bought extra stuff that we normally don’t buy, or do we? I’ll be watching our purchasing in April to see. Finally, I have some sense of what we like for meat though as I move us farther into buying locally raised meat or meat from Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s, we may buy cuts to see if they work for our family, and then not buy them again.

Overall, I focused on finding out how much I needed to buy at Costco to keep us going during the month. I also have a sense of what we need to get at the produce place weekly. It’s when we hit Giant, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s that we add in extra items. I go there to pick up meat and come out with more than meat. Time to focus.

From the kitchen…
I have a new meal planning calendar on the fridge which I’ll be sharing on Frugal Local Kitchen tomorrow.

Last week, I did some baking to give the kids extra items for their lunches. This week, I’ll take advantage of my 9 year old helper and get some baking done for the freezer.

I am creating…
plans for April. I already told my children’s school that I wouldn’t be able to volunteer much during April. I need to look at the calendar and make sure I have reminders for upcoming events in my Nozbe lists.

I am going…
to mass, a run, and maybe to the Academy of Natural Sciences for their free admission day as part of their 200th anniversary celebration.

I am reading…
a stack of magazines given to me by a friend!

Living A Healthy Lifestyle…
I hit the 2 week mark in my running yesterday with a 4 mile run! I am so happy to be running again. This week, I will be adding on a 4th run, followed by focusing on increasing my mileage starting the first week of April. My ankle and foot are not completely healed; the ligaments in my foot will need at least a few more weeks. However, I’m being careful about my running and taking time to use a tennis ball as a foam roller on the ligaments to help them heal.

I’m also being mindful of what I eat. I gained about 7 lbs during my downtime. I wasn’t eating poorly; I was just not adjusting my eating due to less activity. Also with warmer days on the horizon, I’m craving greens and salads and fresh foods.

I am hoping…
for a Easter break with the kids. My oldest has all week off, and the ones in Catholic school start their break on Wednesday.

I am hearing…

Around the house…
Thanks to the emergency carpet cleaning, I have clean carpets, and I put away stuff that I’ve been meaning to put away. So, this week, I’ll get the kids to help me do some work in the basement, plus I’ll take the pile of donations to Goodwill.

I worked quite a bit on my Home Management Binder in February and March. It’s time to look at the binder and see else I need to include. I am still using a clip board and papers on the kitchen counter for the binder; I don’t feel ready to bind the papers together until I’m finishing developing each section.

Around the yard…
I’m still working on pruning our roses. The weather and my schedule haven’t been conducive to yard work. Since we haven’t turned any beds in the garden, I think I’ll pick up some lettuce and spinach plants at Home Depot to give us some fresh greens for salads.

One of my favorite things…

A few plans for the rest of the week:

A picture for thought…

I’ve fallen in love with this flower – hellebore.

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