11 Klutz-Proof Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Klutz-Proof Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids? Yes, these are. They may have been Pinterest-inspired, however, don’t hold that against them. We know you can do these crafts, even if you’re all thumbs. My friend Heather of Real: The Kitchen and Beyond rounded up 11 gems to get you crafting with the kids this weekend.

The non-crafty crafter (Heather) strikes. Barb is apparently a very very good friend. We were discussing Valentine’s Day craft ideas for kids and she asked me to do a guest post. Good gracious, only a very good friend does this. Especially an amazing mom and kid-crafter like herself. So, if you feel crafting challenged, just check out this round up of Valentine’s Day kids’ crafts and ideas with me. I made sure they were all somewhat mom klutz-proof.

11 Klutz-Proof Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

First, there’s one rule. You MUST forget all preconceived notions of fingers glued together, glitter smeared floors, and newly decorated colored walls. EMBRACE the craft and the er, inner creativity of your children. Now let’s get crafting!

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

  • Valentine’s Day Bookmarks – yup, think I can pull this off. Really, I can. How about a regular old hole punch? Will that work? No? Okay, think I can still do this with a trip to the craft store for that little hole punchy thingamajig. Or, I can just show it to my mom and hand off the kids, paint swatches, and ribbon. Bet you she’s got it covered.
  • Valentine’s Day Monster Pencils – Pencils – useful and sensible, pom poms – Uh-MA-zing!, glue – in my hands thankyouverymuch, and googly eyes – THE BEST craft product out there, like ever! I will not be running and screaming in terror from these monsters. They may go directly onto my desk.
  • Valentine’s Day Cards – These would be sweet even though a bit messy. Can’t you see giving grandma one of these every year with a footprint or hand print on it? I read this brilliant idea where some one stuck their kid in the bath tub to do this kind of paint work. Contained mess. Craft then bath. Kinda like a one, two, and done. PERFECT!
  • Valentine’s Day Window Decoration Craft – Add some glitter, shiny things, and bits of paper all safely protected between sticky paper. My daughter will be all over this idea. Guess what! I’m pretty sure I’m handing her the vacuum hose afterward. Here ya go kiddo. Suck up the leftover glitter and paper bits. I’m sure I’ll still be finding glitter in my hair and stuck to the seat of my pants for days but hey, the thought of my husband walking around work with random bits of shininess too is kind of funny.
  • Love Bugs –  Sweeeeeet! I’ll take these bugs any day. Once again the googly eyes get me. I’m not sure about the needle nose pliers. Somehow I manage to poke myself with them EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  Oh well, what’s a wound or 2 with these cute little bugs being the result?
  • Heart Butterfly – Picture #2. It has no directions but I think I’ve got this. I have heart shaped cookie cutters that will make a perfect stencil. Oooo, even better idea! Make this beauty with sugar cookies. Oh yeah, now we’re talking!
  • Recycled Flower Bouquet –  “5 easy steps”. Yup. I NEED something like this. Plus these eclectic flowers are so my style. Hopefully mine turn out as amazing as my friend Lauryn’s did.
  • Hogs and Kisses Valentine – Cute, and goodness knows we go through enough toilet paper in this house. I knew hoarding toilet paper rolls would pay off someday.
  • Love Blooms – This is a sweet craft to do with kids but seriously, can I have an order of spring with that? It just makes me anxious for tulips and daffodils, sunshine, and warm weather.
  • Jelly Bean Bracelets – Cute! Easy to make! Who else is thinking these suckers are covered in germs and there is no way in heck my kid would eat this if some one gave it to them? We definitely are making these at home though. To keep. Not give away.
  • Red Solo Cup Valentine’s Dude – Red solo cup….sharpie….kids won’t get this humor but seriously, look at this dude. I need one of these sitting on my desk just to make me laugh all day because “he” looks so funny. All he’s missing is a white t-shirt.

Valentine's Day Cup Man

I think we have enough crafts to keep us busy for a bit. What do you say? Crafty or non-crafty, have a fabulous time making Valentine’s Day crafts with your kids, and don’t forget to check the chair for glitter before you sit down.

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  1. Cynthia says

    Great group of ideas. I really like the Love Bugs. Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. Hope to see you next week.

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