10 takeaways from bloggy boot camp philadelphia 2012 #BBCPhilly

Philadelphia 2012 Bloggy Boot Camp - SITS GirlsThis past weekend, I spent a day at Bloggy Boot Camp with 160 bloggers coming from Philly (yeah Philly Social Media Moms!) and the surrounding states. I think one blogger I met came from as far away as Boston. This is my second time attending Bloggy Boot Camp with the SITs Girls; last time was 2 years ago when I barely knew any local bloggers. What a difference 2 years makes in myself, in the blogging world, and in the Bloggy Boot Camp. I came away inspired and motivated to give it my all to blogging while balancing being a mom to 5 kids.

Here’s what I learned

1. Know thyself. Over and over again, I heard this message. Practically speaking, we need to know what kind of time we have to blog, have a clear understanding with our families about our needs and wants for our blogs, and know our strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing ourselves also means knowing our WHY. Why are we so committed to putting ourselves out there online? What is our goal? What is our vision?

2. Tiffany Romero is such a fantastic motivational speaker. I remember enjoying her speak 2 years ago, but I didn’t remember the energy and vision and inspiration. This time, I came away with so many quotes that I absolutely need to plaster all over my office, and read every morning. Tiffany knows her WHY and she shares it in spades.

3. It is so cool for this introverted blogger to attend a conference where I know so many people! I felt surrounded by my tribe. I’d like to publicly thank Jo-Lynne of Musings of a Housewife for the vision, determination, and hard work in creating a powerful, supportive group of local women bloggers.

4. I need to commit to redesigning my main blog, A Life in Balance. I recently designed my local food/cooking blog, Frugal Local Kitchen; I know what to do and how to do it. I need to commit to doing it.

5. Relationships are always key. And, I need to take it offline more and attend local events.

6. Work with intention. This is a corollary to my 1st takeaway. Tiffany Romero said it best:

Where you put your attention is where you get your results.

7. Get out there and guest post. Not only does guest posting help other bloggers by adding depth to their content and building connections that Google is recognizing, guest posting helps build authority for the blogger herself. Content will always be king. However, we need to be in multiple places to get people’s attention with all that’s going on in social media.

8. SEO is key, too.How many times have you heard a friend say, “Google it.” If you build it and make it searchable, Google will find it and make it available to the world.

9. No is the balance to saying yes.I felt like the speaker was channeling one of my favorite speakers, Uneeka Jay of Power Mommy Nation. When I attended her Back to School Boot Camp for moms last August, one of the things she said that I quote often now was, When you say yes, you’re saying no to something else.

10. Anyone can turn their small blog into a large blog if they’re willing to make a plan and work the plan. Sharon of Mom of 6, who won a speaking contest for Bloggy Boot Camp, mapped out her plan that took her small blog in September 2011 to a large blog in May 2012. I came home with a lots of tips and a clearly defined plan from someone who set a goal, made a plan, and did the work to reach her goal while being a mom of 6 kids. She was also a fantastic speaker!

I leave you with:

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work at it. Author Unknown

Posts about Bloggy Boot Camp are being collected on Pinterest from Philly Social Media Mom bloggers and at the SITS Girls’ #BBCPhilly website.

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  1. says

    Wow Barb- thanks so much for your recap! And you got it totally write- anyone can turn their small blog into a bigger blog- you just need to set one goal, and then make a plan to achieve it…. by looking first within your blog and then looking for opportunities outside of it.

  2. coleen says

    Hey Barb, sounds like you had a really good time. Would you share what some of the local blogs are?

    • Barb says

      Sure! I’d be happy to share. I’ll put together something for Friday to give you some fun weekend reading. 😉

    • Barb says

      I never would have guessed you love the microphone….You guys have done a fabulous job building such an important part of the blogging world. Truly you’re doing your one thing really well, and creating such a fantastic community of women bloggers.

  3. says

    Wasn’t Sharon (Mom of 6) so incredibly inspiring? Conventional wisdom all these years for growing your audience has been “comment, comment, comment.” I love how she came up with a PLAN and just DID IT. I’m so motivated!

  4. says

    It was great seeing you again at the conference. Thanks for the recap. It’s been great to hear what everyone found beneficial.

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing this insight with us. Ive never attended a blog conference but it was great to get a glimpse into what happens at one. And those points about knowing yourself and why you are blogging are so key. Thanks!

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